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  • wire rope

    Types of wire ropes

    Steel wire made of metal strands formed in the form of a circular spiral around the brain. The inner layer, located in the center of the tow to support the main layers when working with the pulling or bending wire, has the greatest role in maintaining the wire strands.

  • Escalator


    The escalator is a device that is used in the movement of the pedestrians, and above or below them in two levels of non-level. This vehicle is driven by steppe, electric propulsion and mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, and can be moved by people.

  • Chains


    Chains are one of the most commonly used spinning equipment and are widely used in terms of the versatility and durability of stretching, wear and heat. Chains are made in different types and are usually classified based on the number of stems (legs) and types of components.

  • Crane


    It is used to transport loads in industrial warehouses and halls. This crane usually has two parallel rails that horizontally move along the crane's hall (limited to six directions).

  • Slings


    For the handling of loads, cranes and elevators require other equipment called slings and rigging accessories.

  • Steel wire connections

    Steel wire connections

    The connections used in the wire rope should have the ability to transmit dynamic and static forces, and have the ability to rotate freely around the contact points and remain stable against high temperatures and can be easily closed.

  • The rope

    The rope

    The main material for producing these ropes is polypropylene. Artificial ropes in this company are based on standard BS 4928 in various colors and with a length of 6 to 38 mm.

  • Strap load

    Strap load

    Cargo belts are made of nylon or polyester fibers. Polyester fiber is resistant to acidic substances and is used in certain conditions.

  • Winch


    In the cable shaft, the connection between the hook and the body of the wire tower is wrapped on the grooved drum and the rotation of the drum causes the hook to move in height and loading and loading.

  • Hook


    Use this tool in warehouses, factories, or wherever you want to carry materials. By actually using this tool you can increase the high productivity of both the crane and the work you do and thus have a high profitability.

  • lever block

    lever block

    Chain split is hand-operated according to the principle of pulling loads, that is, when one hand pulls a rope, the other hand changes and prepares for re-drag, and this continues to the desired state

  • Weave and press wire ropes

    Weave and press wire ropes

    The wire rods are cut off in a workshop of different lengths according to the order of the workshop and the heads are opened in a grid, and then the tailgate is closed.

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 Galvanised Wire Ropes - wire rope

Galvanised Wire Ropes


Steel Wire Rope Ltd have specialised in supplying multi stranded galvanised steel wire rope since 1989. We stock from 0.5mm up to 64mm in various constructions including 1X19, 7X7,6X19, 7X19, 6X36,

 wire rope - wire rope

wire rope


Wire rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid (twisted) into a helix. The term "cable" is often used interchangeably with "wire rope", but narrower senses exist in which "wire rope" refers

Why choose us?

Import of all authorized goods, in particular escalators, full elevator lift and wire tops from 1 mm diameter to 100 mm in diameter for use in industries, mining mines, lifts, poultry houses, cranes, towers, cargo chains, anvill vessels, And special chains, import of all types of elevator accessories, rails and tools such as electric and manual cranes, pliers, tweezers, hooks, dynamos and loading belts for making sling shaft and wire ropes in different capacities.

This trade is proud of the fact that many of the mines of stones, factories and industrial workshops such as petrochemicals, iron mills, Sarcheshmeh copper, air force, shipping companies, Haft Tapeh sugar cane and ... on the level of their country goods and services Has provided. Through its office in China, the company is exporting all of the authorized goods, such as agricultural goods, wire ropes and chains and fittings to the Middle East, including North Africa and part of Latin America.

Providing advice on technical specifications and how to select the tow rope for lifting heavy goods, tower cranes, cranes

Advice on safety tips when using it

The right prices

Best quality goods

suitable packaging


Provision of warranty to all mandatory standard goods

Fabrication and fabrication of wire rods for moving goods from one ton to 500 tons

Tissue with press and without press

Typical knitting with press